Media duplication has been the passion and specialty of ILY Enterprise since 1995. ILY has been the market leader in innovative duplication technologies including solutions for Floppy, Hard Disk, CD and DVD. Even when the Athena controllers obtained the #1 market share, ILY did not settle for status quo. Recognizing the potential impact of Serial ATA interface to the Optical Disc market, ILY pushed forward with new Athena controller designs. In first quarter of 2008, ILY started shipping Athena SATA-based controllers to compliment its best-selling Athena IDE-based controllers. Like its older sibling, Athena SATA controllers have been the #1 volume-shipping SATA duplicator controllers on the market since.

As flash media started to gain popularity, ILY was again the first to introduce all-in-one DVD/CD duplicator controllers with built-in Flash Card reader supporting USB, CompactFlash, Secure Digital and Memory Stick in 2007. In 2008, ILY took Flash duplication to the next level by introducing three standalone duplicators dedicated for USB, CompactFlash and Secure Digital duplication respectively. Adding to the proven DVD/CD duplication technology, ILY introduced Blu-ray Disc support for its best-selling Athena SATA-based controller in 2008 as well.

ILY has always backed up its dedication in providing best duplication solutions with strong commitment in service and quality. In March 2008, ILY moved into its currently location, a 35,000 square feet plus facility with expanded production and testing facilities capable of operating almost 1000 fully-loaded multi-target duplicators simultaneously. The expansion further enhanced ILY’s ability to offer tailor-made duplication solutions and best-in-class support for OEM and resellers of various sizes.

As the industry leader, ILY shall never be satisfied with "me too” technology. ILY shall continue to lead the duplication technology revolution.