General Questions:
1. Q: Why can’t I make copies of my store bought movies?
Answer: Duplicator cannot make copies of copy protected/copyright discs.
2. Q: What does it mean when it says “disc length not enough”?
Answer: It means that the master being copied has more data than what the blank disc can hold. Common issue is trying to copy a dual layer disc onto a single layer disc. Use the “Disc Info” feature on the duplicator to verify that you have the proper blank disc.
3. Q: Keep getting “bad master/source error/source empty” error message. What does it mean?  
Answer: If the message appears and one of the writers opens up, it means that the source is set to the wrong drive. Use the “Select Source” feature to switch to the correct drive as source.
4. Q: I can copy most of my master discs but I have one that keeps failing at 20%. Does that mean it is no good?  
Answer: Yes, you can use the “Pre-Scan” feature to verify.
5. Q: I have one DVD drive that is not seen by the duplicator. What could have caused it?
Answer: Most common issue is a loose data cable, call tech support to get authorization to open the unit to check on the cable. Disconnect and reconnect the cable that should resolve it.   Another possibility could be the USB switch if the duplicator comes with a USB switch on the back. If the duplicator is equipped with one USB switch, make sure it is turned to the “Off” position for duplication.
6. Q: I get a message that says “can’t copy DVD to CD or can’t copy CD to DVD”.  Why?
Answer: It means the blank media you are using are different format from the source.  Make sure that you are copying DVD to DVD, or CD to CD. Flip the disc over, DVD should have a dark purple color while CD is in silver.  You can also use the “Disc Info” function to find out from the duplicator.
7. Q: I wish to take different tracks off of multiple CDs to create a new master CD. Can your duplicator do that?
Answer: Yes, most of our duplicators have the “Edit Track” feature for that purpose.
8. Q: I copied all the tracks I wanted but it won’t playback. What is the problem?
Answer: It appears that the disc has not been finalized. Use the “Finalize Disc” feature under the “Edit Track” Menu to complete the process.
9. Q. Can I use the “Edit Track” feature on other type of discs such as CD+G or DVD?
Answer: No, “Edit Track” works on Audio CD only.
10. Q. I keep getting “target drive not ready” message.   What is causing it?
Answer: Possible issues are media or DVD/CD drive.   First make sure you are using the correct type of disc, use the “Disc Info” feature to verify that the media are blank or not. Scroll through each DVD/CD drive and see if it detects a disc and verify that each disc is blank and of the correct format.   If you come upon a drive that says “No Disc” and you are certain that there is a disc in the DVD/CD drive, which means the DVD/CD drive is the issue.   Please contact our tech support at (888) 742-5459 for further support.
11. Q. Do you have any duplicator that can copy from USB flash drive or memory cards to a CD/DVD?
Answer: YES, All-In-One Duplicator can copy from USB or memory cards to CD/DVD discs.
12. Q. Can I copy an USB flash drive with 16GB data files to DVD/CD discs without a computer?
Answer: YES, the All-In-One duplicator supports disc spanning and automatically allocates data files from USB flash drive onto multiple DVDs or CDs for data backup purpose.
13. Q. Can I backup data files from multiple USB flash drives and memory cards onto one CD/DVD?
Answer: YES, the All-In-One duplicator can copy data files from multiple USB flash drives and memory cards onto one CD/DVD as long as all the files can fit onto one CD/DVD disc capacity.
14. Q. What is the copy speed of USB duplicator?
Answer: Copy transfer rate is up to 33 MB per second.
15. Q. My files are NTFS format on the USB flash drive. Does the duplicator support it?
Answer: Yes, our USB duplicator supports NTFS and other file formats, such as FAT/FAT16/FAT32, EXT1/EXT2/EXT3.
16. Q. I have only 1GB of data on a 16GB USB flash drive. Will the USB duplicator copy only the data area to save time?  
Answer: Yes, enable the “Data Area Only” on the duplicator Menu to copy only data area.
17. Q. I have an 8GB USB master with 2GB of data and my target USB is 4GB. Can I still copy it?
Answer: YES, you can as long as the data size on the source is smaller than the target USB flash drive capacity. You need to enable the “Ignore Size” feature on the duplicator setting.
18. Q. I have a 7 target USB duplicator but only need to copy 5 USB flash drives. Can I copy just the 5 or do I need to have it all loaded?
Answer: You do not need to have all the USB ports loaded for the duplicator to function.
19. Q. Can I copy USB hard disc drive on your USB duplicator?
Answer: Yes, you can. An external USB hub may be required to provide enough electrical current for the USB hard disc drive. For further information please contact our tech Support.
20. Q. I have a USB flash drive that keeps failing for duplication. What could be causing this?
Answer: This could indicate that you have a bad USB flash drive. To confirm you can use the “Media Check” feature on the USB duplicator to verify.
21. Q. I've had my USB duplicator for awhile now and use it quite often but it is no longer copying consistently
Answer: Verify that each USB port on the duplicator is good. The USB ports may be worn out and needs to be replaced. Sometimes you may need a firmware update.
22. Q. I keep getting different copy times with different brands of USB flash drives. Why is that?
Answer: Not all USB flash drives are manufactured the same and will have speed variances from brand to brand and batch to batch. You can use the “Measure Speed” feature on the USB duplicator to verify the Read and Write speed of the USB flash drive.
23. Q. Can I use the USB duplicator to copy memory cards?
Answer: Yes, you can. Use the USB card reader to copy memory cards.
24. Q. Is there a duplicator that can add copy-protection for duplicated discs?
Answer: Yes, Fortress duplicator will provide peace of mind. This exclusive technology automatically embeds copy protection within each duplicated disc, preventing them being copied on a computer or another duplicator.
25. Q. Do I need to connect Fortress duplicator to a computer in order to add the copy protection?
Answer: No, all ILY/Spartan duplicators are stand alone and do not need a computer for duplication.